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FMC Motorcoach Owner's Club Internet Privacy Statement

To help achieve our mission, you may be asked for information, or you may be provided with information, that might be considered confidential in nature.

We shall not knowingly divulge confidential information to any third party or unauthorized persons. By submitting information here, you agree that it may be used as we see fit, and that we have no liability for any misuse of that information by any person.

We respect your privacy and will gladly remove your contact information from our distribution list if you prefer. Just let us know please by sending an e-mail to

If you are permitted secure admission to this system and access to confidential information, you agree not to disclose or copy any information contained within the system to, or otherwise allow any unauthorized access by, any third party without our explicit written permission.

Everyone in our organization agrees to this. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

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