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FMC LED Tail Light Swap #846
Author: andy1canada (Show all albums)

This is a continuation of the work started by my Friend, Dale Maggio, about 10 yrs ago just before I bought #509 from him down in Santa Cruz.

In a box of parts he included with the coach I found some pedestal style LED truck lights. He told me he was in the midst of converting the tail lights to LED but had no time to complete it. After checking out the parts - and having been less than happy with replacing a continuous stream of rear tail light bulbs - I decided to take a serious look at what Dale had in mind. Turns out the guy is freakin' - brilliant!

This is the route I went to get this done.


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Had just about enough of this BS? Read on...

Dale included 4 of these when I bought his coach. They are discontinued but they have another 4 1/2" unit which appears similar. You will need 4 of em'.

Once I scraped all the caulking and sh#t out of my way, I set the lamp mount plate in place then scribed lines either side to mark the position of my wood hardwood blocks either side. I had some 3/4" American cherry kicking around that fit the bill. Blocks were about 7 - 7 1/2" tall by 1 1/4" wide. I chose 3/4" material for good screw purchase. Used 5-min epoxy and spring clamps to hold them in place. Boom done.

These suckers 'bolt-right-in' to the FMC light bezels.

Had some scrap 3/4" plywood kicking around so I whipped out a couple of mount plates to beef things up some and improve access. Measurements follow.

My wiring choice: Top = ground; middle = running lights (notice I skipped the center/amber turn/haz light as I wanted it dedicated) bottom = brake lights only on red/run lts. (Note: I ran a new dedicated brake light wire from the the pedal brake light switch to achieve this end)

As I chose 3/4" mounting block thickness, the ends of each assembly will need to be rebated in order for the bezel to fit flush into the opening. I started with 1/4" depth which worked well for one side but the other needed a little more (1/16") to get there. A couple of coats of clear Varathane afterwards and they're good to go.

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