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FMC #324
Author: dkarnath (Show all albums)

I will be posting some pictures of 324 during my time working on it.
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Here is my drive flange, matches my old axle...

This is how the splines are supposed to look

A couple of FMC vet's came to my rescue and delivered this beautiful axle!! Thank you

This isn't the hood that came with this Jeep. I've been storing this hood for 20? years or so. It was on another jeep I had. I sold the jeep but kept the hood. The new owner of that jeep new nothing about this hood, I couldn't let it go. I used it as shop art for some years, then it went into storage, the funny thing is, my new jeep is almost the same color blue, both had chevy 327's

1953 cj3b. 1963 Corvette 327, with a 1968 Mustang GT top-loader 4-speed. Should haul a$$! Was originally built in the early 70's as sand dragger. It had been setting for the last 7-10 years before I bought it. Someone added a winch and some poorly designed power steering, I think it was used to pull logs around the property and drive through mud holes up in WA state....

This is the reason I haven't been working on 324 as much as I would like to...I'm putting disk brakes on it, the rear is done.

After I pulled the yoke off, I could see the beautiful clean blue in color (probably synthetic) grease inside the axle cavity, I honestly did not want to tear it apart, the bearings were clearly lubed perfectly, BUT I had to see the drive flange end of the axle. Yes, I could have just pulled the drive flange off and inspected, but if you are just planning on servicing stub axle bearings, removing the drive flange is unnecessary.

You can clearly see the worn teeth. This axle could have gone another 20k miles?? I don't know? But it's not going back into the FMC I'm driving. I will keep it as an emergency spare.

The yoke nut was loose, but that wasn't the issue, the axle's forward/backward rotational movement was between the drive flange and axle splines.

I've done a couple stub axle jobs, and until now, I fought getting the internal snap rings out because I didn't have the correct tool. I purchased these Knipex 44 11 J3 40-100mm internal snap ring pliers and life is beautiful.

stub axle snap ring
Show Newest Photos First | Show Oldest Photos First112 Photos - Page : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

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