How to send a broadcast email
Posted 2009-08-27 9:57 PM (#682)
Subject: How to send a broadcast email

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
This is only for adminstrators:
  1. At bottom right of the forum, click "administrative menu"
  2. Scroll down left hand menu, find "BBS Configuration" box, and then click "Broadcast a message" link at the bottom of that menu.
  3. Enter a meaningful subject and enter the Body of the message.
  4. Below "Body", find the radio buttons for "Everyone" or "Specific Usergroup". The former goes to all registered users. If you want to send to only a group like "Officers", click that radio button and enter the name of the group, like "Officers". (the elipse "..." will help you find defined groups")
  5. Choose the next radio button "Send email". The other option, "Send out Private Messages", will place a private message that users only see when they login and if they notice the "Inbox" link in the forum top right!
  6. Return address defaults to your email in your profile. Rarely would you want to change that.
  7. Click "Submit" to send your message

Let me know of questions!

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