Hydro Vac Vacuum Check Valves
Posted 2023-01-27 12:14 AM (#8127)
Subject: Hydro Vac Vacuum Check Valves

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FMC HydroVac Vacuum Brake CHECK Valve is DRYING UP ! Need two each. Plug third small Port Tube (lots of DURABLE ways to do that). This is SAME (except for 3rd small port) as Ford Part # C3TZ-2365-A, and CHEAP. The T between them can be any 1/2" tee, even a copper sweat tube T, just so each leg is long enough to get the hose and a CLAMP on. Tee comes from engine Vacuum, and Ck Vs go to front and rear H-VAC. They are located at top of Pass Side Firewall, accessible thru Pass side Engine Bay door. Coolant hose is not used as it will collapse from Vacuum. Must use Thicker Wall/Stiffer Brake Vacuum Hose to/from source and to/from front and rear H-VACs. The Vac HOSES are 50 years Old ! You might want to do something about that . . .? If you want the FORD PART (2 PORT) See the 2nd link below . . . but I would use (and Modify) the 3 Port NAPA ITEM as it is a lot cheaper . . . and also get at least ONE SPARE. This may be the last year any of the exist for PURCHASE ! Brake ON ! Lou #120 🙂
Please see - https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/UP_89023?impressionRank=15 or https://www.rearcounter.com/C3TZ-2365-A-parts47678.html
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Posted 2023-01-29 12:10 PM (#8128 - in reply to #8127)
Subject: RE: Hydro Vac Vacuum Check Valves


Thanks for posting Lou, I have a valve held together wth a zip tie at the moment... 😁
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