Budd Lug HOLES in Aluminum Wheels incl. ALCOA
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Subject: Budd Lug HOLES in Aluminum Wheels incl. ALCOA

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Alcoa Wheel Part # 763220 (last number is O, 1, 2, 3 . . . satin finish, outside polish, inside polish, both sides polish) lug hole has a slight "dish" where the lug nut engages the rim. A straight edge across the hole shows that "dish". It is NOT a 45º flat cut in the lug holes of the rim. I have never found an ALCOA MACHINING DRAWING of the lug holes. But, but, but . . . I have found a machining drawing of the "MATING LUG NUT" ! Please see - https://www.aetnascrew.com/34-16-unf-2b-thread.html Note the 0.875" SPHERICAL RADIUS of the surface of the nut that mates with the "dish" surface lug nut hole in the Alcoa rim. I, of course, do not know why that radius is on either the lug nut or the lug nut hole. But that radius is there for some reason significant enough that it was MACHINED in both parts . . . instead of a simple 45º cut. If you get new aluminum wheels made . . . what dimensions are the lug holes ? Things are never what the seem. Lou #120

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