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#477 Part II
Author: Duramaxer (Show all albums)

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Managed to get the trap for the shower above the floor and inside the coach, by using a low profile bathtub trap.

Throwing away the original fridge was one of the dumbest thing I have done but now we are finally done with the whole refrigerator thing. It's a 3-way and it blends in nicely.

Here is where the vents goes thru the floor. "Cold air intakes"

Finally back at it, and found a way to ventilate the 3-way fridge without cutting a hole in the side of the coach. The overall square area of these openings are way to small according to requirement in the installation manual but seems to work fine due to quite some "shimmney effect", and we have dual fans installed just in case to so we'll be fine I think.

Curtains run full length on both sides.


I have been wondering on what to do with curtains for a while. Really wanted those original wood/wool blinds but I managed bending aluminum curtain rail to fit the radius or the tear bedroom corners, so I gave it a try reusing the original cushion velvet for bedroom curtains and sewing myselves. I bought some gold foiled lining and the idea is the lined curtians will both isolate well an also reflect some of the sun. Not sure about the effectiveness of the reflective lining but the two layers was a success in the cold for sure. And the gold lining looks really cool anyway.

Added a couple of 120mm fans just in case I need the extra airflow. I'm hoping to see good fridge efficiency from fully insulating the enclosure, cold air intake from under the coach and good airflow up thru the new roof vent.

I decided on going 3-way on the fridge. Removed the insulation on the wall to get more clearance and used welding blanket to seal the space off from rest of the interior. Air intake is now thru a cut out in the floor. No way I would cut a whole in the side for the vent door.

Old water heater and furnace was not for the future. Here I'm test fitting the new Precision Temp on demand water heater and the Suburban NT-40 heater. I might add a 230v inline heater to the Suburban. The fiberglass door will have to be modified to match up with this new configuration.
Show Newest Photos First | Show Oldest Photos First119 Photos - Page : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

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