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The Dieselfication of Coach 1046
Author: BigRabbitMan (Show all albums)

This album is dedicated to following the process of Coach #1046 being converted from a 1976 Chrysler 440-I with a 4spd Allison AT540 transmission to a 2006 GMC Duramax LBZ turbo diesel with a 6spd Allison 1000 double overdrive transmission. There is a companion discussion thread in the Mechanic's Corner section of the Forum area of this site.
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Success! A piece of the floor fell out and is now laying on the ground. Should have room now.

Before putting the engine permanently into the coach, a number of things needed to be done while easy to work on the engine. Here you see the replacement downpipe that takes the exhaust gas as it exits the turbo and passes it down to the exhaust pipe. You can see the comparative size of the stock pipe and the replacement unit which is on the engine. This will help the turbo work more efficiently and the engine to breath better.

This the top of the turbo which is the key to the power of this this engine. The intake air is on the bottom and the exhaust side is on the top of the picture.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that some damage had been done to the tubo's vane position sensor at some time previously. It may still be good, but its not the time to take chances so a new one was ordered.

Here is a picture of the injector for the water mist injectin system that may be installed. Injecting water into the intake air stream allows the exhaust gas temperature be lower for any given set of conditions. Now was the time to prepare for the future installtion.

The new turbo vane postion sensor arrived and has been installed. This engine has variable vanes in the turbo to control boost pressure rather than a waste gate. It is a more efficient and more precise system.

The transmission support crossmember has been assembled. It is offset as the engine in the FMC is angled to the passenger side to balance the weight with the auxillary generator.

Here you see the slight offset of the mounting slots. The holes are slotted to allow for aligning the transmission to the differential when the time comes.

The rear crossmember has also been completed. What used to go straight across from one frame member to the other now dips down to go under the engine as the Duramax is slightly longer than the old engine.

Here is the plate that was discussed earlier with the engine mount from the donor welded to it.

And on the other side, the engine mount is welded to a plate which is welded to the frame.

One of the exhaust manifolds was removed and drilled and tapped for an exhaust gas temperature sensor.
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